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NEMX rounds 7 and 8 Eagle Bridge Motocross

Written by: Ralph the "BUGMAN"
Date: July 16, 2002

Moto #1:
Mixed B and C riders on the starting gate. Full gate and I am way to the left heading into a hairpin first turn. Worried about being pushed out and over the berm by the pack. Gate drops and I get a decent jump, shift immediately to 3rd and twist the throttle to the stops and never let off until I get out in front of the pack and into the turn for a holeshot. I led the entire race until the 4th lap when I hit a double and accidentally hit the RED button in the AIR!!! Very BAD! nearly case the jump and try to start the bike, but in a nervous panic, I miss the green button which I have blocked by the throttle housing!!! Get passed by the 2 guys behind me (who are not in my class, so no worry), get going and finish in 1st in my class. Between motos, I move RED button to other side of clutch perch and fix the positioning of GREEN button.

Gate drops and I get the holeshot again (against a bunch of 426's and CRF450's as well as one KTM 520). Got passed by one B rider and led C to another 1st Place.

Basically a repaeat of the day before: Holeshot. Lead race...but this time they are watering the track AS WE ARE RACING!!! Hardpack turns to slippery, icey like conditions and I go down in an off camber turn, lose my cool gold anodized vent hose cap (CRAP!...need a replacement!), get up and started and see the 2nd place rider right on me. I got out in front of him and any chance I could I would "release the roost" and slow him down. I got about 100' feet ahead by the finish for a 1st.

Full gate. Good gate pick and when it dropped, I was GONE!! By the end of the first straight after the start, I was about 20 bike lengths ahead and never let off for the first 4 laps. But then, my lack of stamina started to get me and I notice the guy who is in 2nd in the championship points (behind me) is gaining!!!!!! No WAY! I will NOT let him pass me! He got VERY close and I saw his front tire in my periferal vision. I twisted the throttle and closed the door on him and finished in 1st.

Great weekend 1-1 Saturday, 1-1 Sunday. All 4 holeshots.

This Weekend I hope to do nearly as well at Walden Playboys MX track in Walden NY.

The Bugman