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HR's 2002 E440 Review #2

Day two with the 'Dale.

Will start with the Gripes that I have and possible fixes that I see after this short time with the Bike.


1. Tank. thanx greenlantern on the technique, worked like a champ, but you shouldnt have to raise the bike to fill her up. Also as I said before, Black bites..cant see a thing.
2. Changed the break in plug today before riding. Plug access. I have big big hands, and this was not fun at all. Barely enough room to get the 6m socket on the securing tab bolt...not fun at all. I will find a tall extension bolt that will fix this, so nothing that cant be overcome pretty easy. Also in the future a nice quick release "bail" type retainer would be sweet to hold the coil down. Might be able to rig one of those...time will tell.
3. As has been mentioned before, the tank rubs on the sub-frame, couple of contact points at the back end of the tank. Going to run some dense foam strip on the top of the frame rails. Easy fix. Cant go too thick with the Quick release on the seat and frame connection.
4. Curious about how low the front brake caliper hangs under the fork to the rear. Never had ohlins so dont know if this will be an issue or not....disk guard will fix this easy.
5. Bars are not my favorite (just the bend of em), but that is all personal taste. Way to wide, they feel like wings, and too flat and sweep is strange. Will swap with my pro-tapers on my WR. Fixed.
6. Never had an aluminum frame. My Sidi's are rubbing the rails bad. I have size 13s, and the weld for the sight glass is under attack from the boots!...will have to see if there are some after market frame guards for CRs...This is only a point with my "Star Wars Storm Trooper Boots" nothing with the bike.
7. Running just a bit fat right off idle. Plug was black that I pulled, but not fouled. Will take it to the dealer and get it on the computer...thats what it is there for....programmable!...SWEEEET!..
thats it. Tank, plug access..only things...everything else is easy easy fix....
8. Old habits die hard....reached for the kick starter today.... so did my son....got some good laughs though! !


1. No real faults. This machine is well built, top notch stuff throughout.
2. This machine is so thin I am having to really focus on keeping my boots against the frame....wow is this thing thin!...nothing gets in your way moving around the bike.
3. Clutch is well......cant comment on it, never even thought about it all day. Guess that means its pretty kewl....love that juice clutch.
4. suspension is starting to settle down a bit....only thing to say is...(yes stiff)...but nothing short of incredible. Period. going over stuff today I would cringe on my WR...heck I aimed at junk on the trail on the way back...almost like I was daring something to try to make it kick or deflect...I failed....Ohlins wins! This thing is so stable its almost like cheating! (I like that...how does that go...old age and treachery always overcomes youth and skill....no contest now!)
5. Motor: gosh where to start....cant say enough about how linear this bike is. Anywhere you are in RPMs if you want more, just twist. No hit anywhere just pulls until you shift. Torque is always there...was in snotty single track to more fireroads....you have to ride one to understand what I am failing to say. This motor is out of this world. Electric smooth...predictable, no surprise in the snotty tight trails....again...if there ever was a cheater motor in the woods...well....the "E" mapping is it!
6. The back end of this thing is a weapon. I thought my 500 threw junk!... like my son says...its an automatic shotgun!
7. Happy button is great. No faults, no fuses blown....just push and go....I think I can like this green button...skip that....love it!...
8. Footpegs...wow...spiked floor boards from a goldwing!...awesome stability and grip.
9. Overall on the trails...this thing is truly a cheater bike. You start to look for junk on the trails and aim at it. You aim at roots in order to catch air over the next cluster of trail garbage instead of cringing and hoping your bike doesnt throw you down like a set of car keys!...(other bikes)..

I basically forgot about the suspension...focused on the ride. Wasnt 1/2 as tired as I have been on my other bikes (especially yesterday)..the ergos fit me (Big American) to a tee!..

Power is there, any time, anywhere...no surprises, no hit, NEVER any hesitation (trust me on the NEVER)..still getting used to "instant" throttle. Sheeeesh!...

Well time to get ready for work.

Cannondale has a winner here folks. No question about it. They are serious about this dirt bike thing...and it shows, from the design and to where it matters, out in the dirt. If you are thinking about getting one...well.....do it before the word gets out....and no you cant have mine. BACK - - - - BACK I say!